Wired Italy: Chiara Petrioli among the 50 women who are making the history of computer science

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From Ada Lovelace, considered the mother of today’s computer, since the thirties of the last century, many are the women who have given and are giving a contribution to the development of information technology. They are programmers, company managers, cybersecurity experts, scientists.

Wired Italy has thus listed our Chiara Petrioli among the 50 women who have made the history of computer science.

Chiara Petrioli is founder and research and development director at Wsense, as well as director of the Senses Lab and Cis Cyber Physical Systems Lab of the Department of Computer Science of the Sapienza University of Rome.

We at Wsense are very proud of this recognition, which emphasizes once again that our contribution to the development of innovative monitoring systems for the terrestrial and submarine environment is the result of the talent and dedication of people who strive every day to push forward the frontier of knowledge and innovation.

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