W•SENSE joins the NOC’s Marine Robotics Innovation Centre as a Strategic Partner

Pioneering underwater wireless networking and communications systems developer W•SENSE Ltd has joined the National Oceanography Centre’s (NOC) Marine Robotics Innovation Centre as a Strategic Partner.

W•SENSE was initially established as part of the Sapienza University of Rome, specialising in monitoring and communication systems with pioneering patented solutions in the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). Internationally recognized for its R&D excellence, with an innovative crew of passionate and enthusiastic visionaries, W•SENSE is focused on designing and developing innovative, robust, reliable, high-performing and secure communication and monitoring systems. The company has been editor of networked scenarios, NATO NIAG 190 on JANUS evolution, and is currently coordinating the EC EASME ArcheoSub project after gaining experience by supporting the EC FP7 GENESI and SUNRISE projects.

The NOC is the UK’s hub for the development of marine autonomous and robotic systems, and this new partnership will further enable W•SENSE to collaborate and share expertise with the Centre’s other strategic partners in the advancement of cutting-edge marine autonomous technology.

W•SENSE director, Professor Chiara Petrioli, said: “We are extremely honoured to be welcomed into the NOC family. It’s a great step for W•SENSE and a massive vote of confidence. We’re very much looking forward to further developing and testing our technology with input from the talented team at the NOC. The W•SENSE team is looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

Adam Schink, Innovation Centre Manager at the NOC, said: “The concept of transformative and disruptive technology is already creating a future where readily adaptable systems that are incubated and developed by the NOC and its partners are able to tackle varied and complex marine science challenges at a much lower cost than ever before. We are delighted to welcome W•SENSE to the Innovation Centre and together we have identified and are currently planning numerous collaborative projects to network multiple underwater sensors, autonomous underwater and surface vehicles together.”

W•SENSE has launched a new website (https://www.wsense.uk/) to coincide with their arrival at the Innovation Centre.


The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is the UK’s leading institution for integrated coastal and deep ocean research. NOC undertakes and facilitates world-class, agenda-setting scientific research to understand the global ocean by solving challenging multidisciplinary, large-scale, long-term marine science problems to underpin international and UK public policy, business and wider society outcomes.

NOC operates the Royal Research Ships James Cook and Discovery and develops technology for coastal and deep ocean research. Working with its partners, NOC provides long-term marine science capability including: sustained ocean observing, mapping and surveying; data management and scientific advice.

The National Oceanography Centre is wholly owned by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

The Marine Robotics Innovation Centre at the NOC is where science meets business, bringing together a range of industries to develop the next generation of marine autonomy.

At the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre in Southampton, we host a community of innovative companies developing technology for platforms, components and sub-systems in order to aid and advance oceanographic research for the benefit of both scientists and businesses.

The National Oceanography Centre invested £3.5 million into the creation and development of this world-leading facility which opened in 2015. With a range of specialist engineering and testing facilities, along with the world-class expertise of the scientists and technicians spanning more than 20 years at the NOC, we are able to accommodate and enhance the advancement of marine autonomous technologies.

The community, utilising available services at the Innovation Centre, share the specialised space with the NOC Marine Autonomous and Robotics Systems team who have extensive experience of the deployment of marine autonomous platforms in the ocean’s most challenging environments.


W•SENSE Ltd specializes in the Underwater Internet of Things (UIoT). Their experienced and passionate team works hard every day to develop innovative monitoring and communication systems and to provide pioneering patented solutions for the Blue Economy.

Such solutions guarantee a complete cableless networking interoperability among various vendors of underwater sensors and autonomous vehicles (UAV, ASV, AUV), ensuring real-time monitoring and an extensive surveillance of underwater environments, waterways and marine seabeds.

W•SENSE is bringing to the market Sapienza Un. FP7 SUNRISE’s underwater networking technologies that were named among the 2016 NT100 – the Nominet Trust’s annual celebration of best 100 social global technologies that are changing our lives.