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  • Underwater wireless communication has the potential to reduce the environmental impact and improve fish welfare.
  • Wireless environmental monitoring is a tool to assess environmental conditions and trends necessary for use of the ocean.
  • The interaction between production and environmental monitoring is very important to facilitate long-term good economic operation.
  • Difficult to monitor the loads and response of an aquaculture cage and its mooring, spread over several hundreds meters elongation
  • Full scale measurements are needed to correlate with theoretical estimations.
  • The ocean industry is facing new rules and regulations by the government inhibiting its production and future growth.
  • Today there are millions of km of cables around the ocean that are unsustainable for the environment and the fish farmers.
  • Climate change and pollution affects the marine environment and therefore the fish production.
  • Salmon-lice and fish disease is a challenge for the fish farmers. It is essential for keeping up with marine monitoring and continuously increasing new innovation.
  • Fish feeding optimization is a key to save money and increase fish quality.
Our Solution

End to end

Wsense has developed all the technologies for implementing the monitoring system, enabling real time transmission of fish welfare parameters: position and depth, activity, heart rate.

Our solution

  • Monitor in real time movement and structural stress of a novel cage structure
  • Real time cages 3D visualization of using joints tensor sensors
  • Fish telemetry using W-pico, our miniaturized communication and sensing unit for intra-body measurements.
  • Control the water conditions with wireless connected sensors (es: pO2, Temperature, pCO2, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, Ph, NH4).
  • Our system is compatible with a wide range of suppliers of sensors, giving an extreme flexibility regarding the sensor set-up.
  • Bidirectional interoperability from the cloud to the sensors to change control parameters remotely
Our technology in action
Our Solution

Our Value Added

We provide farmers with wireless connectivity

Marine monitoring for fish farmers and aquaculture is facing a future of wireless technology that is profitable in the long term, decreasing purchases of cables and maintenance. Wsense offers CE certified hardware and has a patent on a multi-modal secure wireless communication network that is valuable against any other cable intensive application.

Wsense fish digital twin allows to:

  • Decrease death rate
  • Correlation of data to take better actions for fish feeding and cage predictive maintenance

Fish farmers in a lot of countries (ie. Norway) have an obligation to install environmental monitoring equipment at their farms due to restrictive regulations for the marine environment and fish welfare. Our technology has a direct ROI impact on cost savings and in operational improvements for revenue generation.

Cost reduction

To receive and transmit data from the sensors, large numbers of fish farms use cables that are expensive. The cables are hundreds of meters long and have to be changed frequently, as much as every 12-18 months. We want to provide the farmer with a solution that solves the financial part and time used to install and maintain the cables. As a consequence, scaling the solution in different areas and getting real time control of cages geographically distributed without cables becomes effortless. Another saving factor is about fish feeding and the way it could be optimized correlating all the data we are able to collect including the fish telemetries

Revenue increase

The more the fish farmers are able to control quality and security parameters of fish, water and cages the higher will be their capability to raise the value of their cultures. The real time contextual data increases the number and quality of farmed fishes as well as the selection of the perfect feeding. Last but not least controlling in 3D the cages allows to maintain production without any blockage.

Customer quotes

The W-Pico unit developed in the SEASTAR project is a miniaturized communication and sensing unit for intra-body measurements in salmon. The 2-way communication is a smart enabler for effective lifetime power management of the sensing unit, and for robust communication between the sensing unit and the system receivers. The sensing unit collects and transmits real time data about the fish activities. On-going work is now performed to enable real time stress measurements through heart rate monitoring. This tool will enable the real time measurement of stress level of the fish population in an aquaculture installation, and a unique insight to how the fish is reacting to disturbances during the production. This will be a useful input for further design and improvement of fish farming installations and operations to ensure optimum fish welfare conditions

Harald SveierLeroy Seafood Group

Bundling together Aanderaa’s sensors and Wsense’s underwater networking system we can provide stable and flexible data monitoring solutions which don’t require costly cabling systems and proved to be more reliable in case of hectic activities.” – Jarle Heltne, Product Management Manager at Aanderaa Data Instruments.

Harald SveierLeroy Seafood Group

Wsense system for structural monitoring enables real-time underwater wireless communication with sensors deployed, for instance, at an aquaculture site. Their system is compatible with a wide range of suppliers of sensors, giving an extreme flexibility regarding the sensor set-up. The system can connect to both environmental sensors and sensors measuring the response of the structure to waves and currents (motions or loads). This set-up fits the needs of the aquaculture industry where the structures extend over several hundreds of meters horizontally and tenth of meters in depth. Sensors can be deployed where needed without the struggle of having to deploy cable across the installation

Basile BonnemaireLeroy Seafood Group

By using WSENSE’s solution for cable-free monitoring for water parameters both inside and outside breeders. The system maintenance is easy for us as breeders, while it also is a cost-saver monitor since we do not have to replace cables. This indicates that we can fully focus on optimizing the production of salmon, with a good tool that will be able to predict various environmental challenges for the fish in the future. With the intention that we can facilitate the salmon to live in as good an environment as possible.

Thomas NetlanAssistant Production Manager at Bolaks AS

A wide range of

Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology gaps in the monitoring & control of marine environments involving such areas as:

Environmental Monitoring
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Critical Infrastructure
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Tourism and Cultural Heritage
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