W•SENSE is a spinoff of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” concerned with the design, development and deployment of innovative solutions tailored to a host of different applications for the IoT. We develop solutions for monitoring, control and enhanced fruition of cultural heritage, both on land and underwater.

The R&D department of W•SENSE is well renowned among the international academic and industrial communities. It is made up of engineers and computer scientist with top expertise on hardware and software design and development. Our solutions are at the forefront of energy efficiency, accuracy, security and reliability.


Our service of microclimate monitoring “Microclimatico” provides real time measurement of temperature and humidity variations with high accuracy. Alerts are promptly generated as soon as measured values exceed selected thresholds, determining prompt intervention of highly qualified personnel.

Thanks to its extremely small form factor and energy consumption, our solution “Microclimatico” keeps a months-long history of temperature and humidity values, generating an accurate and reliable set of data that is accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

The system creates a networking infrastructure that provides widespread access to information, including in museums and exhibition halls that are not always adequately covered by WiFi or other radio access technologies.


Every work of art is unique. The mobility and transport, when needed, of works from our cultural heritage subject them to mechanical and microclimatic shocks.

Our integrated service “SafeArt” allows movers to perform real-time monitoring of all critical points of a work of art and of its crate, providing them with data analysis tools and personalized alerts.

Thanks to the research collaboration between the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and MIBACT, the “SafeArt” system enables prompt intervention on the work of art as soon as it is needed, and provides indications of best practices for packaging and transport.

The “SafeArt” has already been used for real time monitoring of over 40 transfers of works of art everywhere in the world, providing consistent quality and precision of the monitoring process.


Our system for structural health monitoring enables an accurate characterization of the mechanical stress experienced by public and private infrastructures, starting from accelerometric measurements and angular speeds.

By deploying the latest generation of measuring technologies, and thanks to high sampling rate, our system can assess damage evaluation without requiring the presence of personnel in the monitored structure.

Our sensor nodes are capable of analyzing all sorts of mechanical stress in situ, and of transmitting the corresponding data in real time whenever it is needed, without having to retrieve the sensors from their locations.

Our nodes are synchronized, which allows us to also evaluate the propagation of shock waves through the monitored structure, revealing disturbances, absorptions, or specific resonances.


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