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Tourism and Cultural Heritage

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Tourism and Cultural Heritage

  • 17 Thousands Marine reserves globally
  • 3M shipwrecks globally
  • Climate change and pollution are affecting the marine environment and therefore the maintenance of archeological underwater sites
  • Archaeological finds scattered in the seabed are pearls that humanity needs to protect and enjoy, both on site and from the outside.
  • During surveys for asset implementation archeological finding can arise that need to be preserved
  • Submerged archaeological sites in the world are at risk, due to the action of marine organisms such as bacteria, bivalves, sponges.
  • All this menace requires continuous monitoring to be able to intervene better and in an increasingly timely manner to contrast it.
  • The underwater archeological tourism is becoming increasingly relevant and there is the need to allow real time visualization of data and information underwater during diving.
Our Solution

End to end

Wsense is a deep-tech company and offers a cableless end to end solution from sensors to cloud application. Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology in the monitoring & control of marine environments in a wide range of applications.

Wsense provides components engineered to enable multi-modal secure wireless communications and networking among submerged and surface sensing and robotic platforms.

Our solution

  • Control the water conditions with wireless connected sensors (es: pO2, Temperature, pCO2, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, Ph, NH4) or any other parameter relevant to preserve archeological sites.
  • Real time underwater 3D visualization using cameras and AI image recognition and compression
  • Monitor, study and reconstruct the elements of these sites, so that they can be enjoyed in an augmented way by archaeologists and visitors, from inside and remotely
  • Noise monitoring for preventing fraudulent approaches
  • GPS for divers and advanced underwater chatting via underwater tablets
Our technology in action
Our Solution

Our Value Added

We provide farmers with wireless connectivity

Marine monitoring for environmental monitoring is facing a future of wireless technology that is profitable in the long term, decreasing purchases of cables and maintenance. Wsense offers CE certified hardware and has a patent on a multi-modal secure wireless communication network that is valuable against any other cable intensive application. Wsense solution allows real time monitoring and prevention, valuable tourism experience using GPS, 3D visualization, underwater chatting and image sharing.

Marine reserves and archeological sites have an obligation to install environmental monitoring equipment to preserve underwater cultural heritage. Our technology has a direct ROI impact on cost savings and in operational improvements when building monitoring infrastructures. It also provides high end customer experience when divers are exploring underwater archeological areas.

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Customer quotes

I wasn’t sure what seemed more thrilling: the chance to finally see the underwater mosaics and ruins I’d heard so much about, or to try my hand at a technology that allowed divers to communicate like dolphins.

Amanda Ruggerispoke about her visit to Baiae from the columns of the BBC travel series “Future of the Past”

A wide range of

Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology gaps in the monitoring & control of marine environments involving such areas as:

Environmental Monitoring
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Critical Infrastructure
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Tourism and Cultural Heritage
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