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Critical Infrastructures

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Critical Infrastructures

  • 1.2 Mln Kms Cables (fiber and energy)
  • 20k Tons oil spills in 5 years
  • 12k Offshore Platforms for oil and gas
  • 8,600 miles O&G Pipelines only in Mexico
  • 43k Offshore Wind Turbines by 2030
  • Underwater wireless communication has the potential to increase the real time monitoring of critical infrastructures in the energy sectors 
  • Underwater critical infrastructures like pipelines, oil & gas platforms, off shore wind farms need to be controlled not just with satellite data
  • Construction activities can have an ecosystem impact
  • Wireless environmental monitoring is a tool to assess environmental conditions before, during and after the underwater activities
  • The ocean industry is facing new rules and regulations by the government inhibiting its production and future growth (Noise, turbidity, etc.)
Our Solution

End to end

Wsense is a deep-tech company and offers a cableless end to end solution from sensors to cloud application. Wsense helps big companies bridge technology in the monitoring & control of their infrastructures.

Wsense provides components engineered to enable multi-modal secure wireless communications and networking among submerged and surface sensing and robotic platforms as well as calibrating in situ data with satellite information.

Our solution

  • Create early warning systems based on geo-physics parameter monitoring
  • Integrate deep water monitoring with AxVs with data coming from satellite to increase data reliability and fast decision making.
  • Control the water conditions with wireless connected sensors (ie: noise, pO2, Temperature, pCO2, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, Ph, NH4) during the infrastructure activities.
  • Real time underwater 3D visualization using cameras and AI image recognition and compression
  • Noise pollution on a wide range of frequencies to evaluate biodiversity changes or alerting in case of exceptional changes due to underwater works
Our Solution

Our Value Added

Wsense offers CE certified hardware and has a patent on a multi-modal secure wireless communication network that is valuable against any other cable intensive application. Wsense solution allows real time monitoring for governments, public administrations and companies looking to improve their operations while preserving their underwater critical assets and at the same time ensure their capability to measure the effect of their zero impact actions.

Public administration, governments, companies have an obligation to install environmental monitoring equipment due to restrictive regulations for the marine environment and human welfare. Our technology has a direct ROI impact on cost savings and in operational improvements when building and maintaining infrastructures. 

In particular they can reduce the cost of maintenance, reduce production downtimes, eliminate critical losses like spillovers or any energy breakdowns.


A wide range of

Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology gaps in the monitoring & control of marine environments involving such areas as:

Environmental Monitoring
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Critical Infrastructure
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Tourism and Cultural Heritage
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