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Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental Monitoring

  • Underwater wireless communication has the potential to reduce the environmental impact and improve biodiversity and climate change
  • Wireless environmental monitoring is a tool to assess environmental conditions and trends necessary for use of the ocean eliminating wires impact.
  • Climate change and pollution affects the marine environment and therefore the biodiversity and human health.
  • 17 Thousands Marine reserves globally.
  • The ocean industry is facing new rules and regulations by the government inhibiting its production and future growth.
  • Governments, public administrations and companies are looking to improve their ESG or to measure the effect of their zero impact actions
  • Generating community-level data to drive decisions
  • Blue Carbon ecosystems cover 2% of the oceans, but they store only 50% of the CO2 buried in marine sediments
  • CO2 measurement It is essential for keeping up with marine monitoring and continuously increasing new innovation.
Our Solution

End to end

Wsense is a deep-tech company and offers a cableless end to end solution from sensors to cloud application. Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology in the monitoring & control of marine environments in a wide range of applications.
Wsense provides components engineered to enable multi-modal secure wireless communications and networking among submerged and surface sensing and robotic platforms.

Our solution

  • Control the water conditions with wireless connected sensors (ie: pO2, Temperature, pCO2, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, Ph, NH4).
  • Our system is compatible with a wide range of suppliers of sensors, giving an extreme flexibility regarding the sensor set-up.
  • Real time underwater 3D visualization using cameras and AI image recognition and compression
  • Noise pollution on a wide range of frequencies to evaluate biodiversity changes or alerting in case of exceptional changes due to underwater works
  • Bidirectional interoperability from the cloud to the sensors to change control parameters remotely
Our technology in action
Our Solution

Our Value Added

Marine monitoring for environmental monitoring is facing a future of wireless technology that is profitable in the long term, decreasing purchases of cables and maintenance. Wsense offers CE certified hardware and has a patent on a multi-modal secure wireless communication network that is valuable against any other cable intensive application. Wsense solution allows real time monitoring for governments, public administrations and companies looking to improve their ESG or to measure the effect of their zero impact actions.

Public administration, governments, companies have an obligation to install environmental monitoring equipment due to restrictive regulations for the marine environment and human welfare. Our technology has a direct ROI impact on cost savings and in operational improvements when building infrastructures.

Customer quotes

The high value of in real-time high-resolution data acquisition in marine environment, such as the one offered by WSense system, is determined by the opportunity to detect and record rapid changes in physical variables (i.e. temperature, oxygen, salinity) to explain and record biological processes but also to monitor fast occurring changes (i.e. thermal anomalies)

Dr. Chiara LombardiENEA Research Scientist, Membro del Lab of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services e leader del progetto Smart Ba

"Bundling together Aanderaa’s sensors and Wsense’s underwater networking system we can provide stable and flexible data monitoring solutions which don’t require costly cabling systems and proved to be more reliable in case of hectic activities.
A cabled system is more vulnerable to movements and has a limited lifetime in a rough environment. It’s also easier to change position and distance between units since you are not tied to a fixed cable length."

Jarle HeltneProduct Management Manager at Aanderaa Data Instruments

A wide range of

Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology gaps in the monitoring & control of marine environments involving such areas as:

Environmental Monitoring
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Critical Infrastructure
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Tourism and Cultural Heritage
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